Hello Fellow Culinarians,

When I started dating my wonderful boyfriend, I was a pseudo-food-lover. I would eat it just to survive. But since loves makes you do things you would have never bothered to, I started cooking for him because obviously I was head over heels in love with him. As it turns out I had the potential and slowly it has turned into a passion. I am so glad that I met Mr. Man (I like to call him that because he personifies and justifies the word in every way) because not only did he make me fall in love with him but with the world of food as well.

Next to food, I love books and music. I don’t however always produce Scrumptious food, sometimes I do produce true culinary horrors. By day I am an Assistant Manager at an Education Consultancy Firm and by night I am transformed into a mathematically challenged yet passionate cook.

I am from Darjeeling which is lovingly referred to as the Queen of Hills. I am a daughter of a small town; living a lost life in a big city with its unknown faces and bright neon lights. My culinary passion makes me patient, compassionate, tolerant and happy. I hope to bring the same peace and calm that I experience.

Bon Appétit & Cheers!!


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