ABC – A Basil Crush

I joined twitter yesterday so that I could be active and keep an eye on the culinary innovations that are taking place around the world, by chance I came across this lovely recipe for butter with basil blossoms. It not only looks amazing but I’m sure it tastes as amazing as it looks. This recipe is from foodandwine and is a collaborative effort on the parts of phototgrapher Kyoko Fierro, food stylist JoAnne Strongman and chef Annabelle Choi. Her recipes include butter with nasturtiums, violets and many more.

A Basil Crush

In the link below she has shared her recipe for butter with basil blossoms. It is an easy recipe to wake you up in the morning with a simple yet aromatic smell of basil and the luscious texture of butter. I have been crushing on basil this summer and I will be posting more on basil later. This crush has just got stronger with this basil infused butter. I cannot wait to try this one out.

If you are feeling a little more creative and want variety then you can choose amongst garlic, mustard, chilli, sun-dried tomatoes or if you are feeling particularly creative then you can throw in what catches your fancy.

Ingredients for Basil Blossom Butter:

  1. Unsalted clarified butter
  2. Fresh basil blossoms
  3. Sea salt
  4. Breads, croissants or crackers of your choice

For a detailed recipe please visit click HERE

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Till the next post, keep loving and cooking!

Disclaimer: Neither this recipe nor the photo belongs to me. It has been used from foodandwine.